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This is a synopsis of the novel. 

The transformation and redemption of two women played out across the Australian outback.

The breakdown of a Kombi on a country back road heralds a fraught intergenerational friendship in Shee-oak. Two women share a volatile trip across the drought- stricken Hay Plain to Adelaide to check out a music festival. The transformative lure of pills, alcohol and love drives them on with the possibility of a veritable explosion and tragic ending for the women imminent throughout.

Mia, attractive, twenty-five, is an international bohemian, an IT whiz with a passion for archaeology and a self-centred, moody streak; fun and frivolous one minute, withdrawn the next. She’s recovering from a car accident and on a whim leaves Canberra to follow music to Adelaide and pick up a bloke.

She meets Felicity (Flea), fifty-six, when nature intervenes, and a dust storm blasts them from their comfort zones. Flea, running her farm alone, her kids now adults and overseas, is drinking too much. In the middle of a drought, she welcomes Mia’s company, locks the farmhouse and hits the road to Adelaide to escape and check out Randall. A lover?

Mia’s in free-fall; self-medicating prescription pills to escape psychological and physical pain, she becomes inadvertently hooked. Drama follows her throughout, her interest in Lake Mungo ends with a visit to Mildura hospital. Should Flea wait for her discharge to continue their journey or take a chance with Randall?

Mia’s stash of pills is discovered. She flees and takes a dicey pill while dancing, collapses and requires medical attention again. Mia turns to Flea to help her recover and the women play out this contemporary dilemma on Flea’s farm.

What are the trade-offs? Who will suffer and who will survive? Flea tries to be compassionate and fair. She battles Mia as she recovers, her own jealousies and keeps Randall in tow. Fireworks abound. The roles are reversed when Flea has an accident and Mia takes the helm, but in the end it’s time for a reluctant Mia to return home.

The power of a stranger’s concern has transformed Mia, but it unleashes a whirlwind of chaos and decision time for Flea. She’s no longer sure of her relationship with Randall, his need for control and the constant phone calls to him from his former wife take their toll.

Change is in the wind. Her epiphany comes when she strolls through the she-oaks to meditate under her favourite scarred tree. Future decisions will be on her terms, but is there still a chance for her relationship with Randall?

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