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Shee-Oak front cover

A road trip to redemption across the Australian outback.

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Shee-Oak is a modern women's adventure novel.

Two women looking for love forge a fraught intergenerational bond as they travel across the drought-stricken Hay Plain to Adelaide, Australia. Fireworks abound and addictions must be overcome as they take a rocky road to transformation and redemption.

★ A twist of fate on a rural back road begins the story.

★ Characters jump off the page with their personal battles.

★ An authentic Australian voice and sense of place.

Mia, attractive, twenty-five, is an international bohemian with a self-centred, moody streak. She’s in recovery, and inadvertently hooked on prescription pills. On a whim, she leaves Canberra to follow music and pick up a man. Drama follows her throughout.

She meets Flea (Felicity), fifty-six, when nature intervenes, and a dust storm blasts them from their comfort zones. Flea, running her farm alone, her kids now adults and overseas, is drinking too much. In the middle of a drought, she welcomes Mia’s company, locks the farmhouse and hits the road to escape and check out Randall, a potential lover.

Will love thrive? What are the trade-offs? Who will suffer and who will survive?

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*Shee-Oak – double ee represents two women, Oak represents strength, wisdom and healing.

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Belonging to a writing group takes the isolation out of writing. Sharing Writing Skills introduces you to six authors in search of writing excellence.

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