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Posted By Geraldine Star,
  An opportunity for  an adventurous action-packed road trip through the outback of Australia.  Find out how Felicity (Flea) and Mia survive and find love.   The Shee-Oak E-Book...

International Women's Day

Posted By Geraldine Star ,
International Women's Day this year was an interview for me at the Macquarie Regional Library at Dubbo NSW. It was a great opportunity to showcase the hardworking farmer, Flea, from my novel...

Author Talk - Geraldine Star in Conversation with Julie Janson

Posted By Geraldine Star,
A big thank you to all those who made the online Authors' Talk organised by Jessica Picken from Broken Hill Library in December 2022 such a huge success. The staff at Broken Hill Library are...

Author Talk - Broken Hill Library online

Posted By Geraldine Star ,
Author Talk - Shee-Oak Broken Hill Library is hosting an Author Talk on my novel Shee-Oak - A road trip to redemption across the Australian outback. As Broken Hill is a major turning point in the...

Author Talk: Geraldine Star in Conversation with Dr Anita Heiss AM

Posted By Geraldine Star,
A big Thank You to Randwick Library for hosting an Author Talk with Dr Anita Heiss and myself on the evening of 27 July 2022. It was a lot of fun and a huge success with a capacity crowd at the librar...

She-oak flowers

Posted By Geraldine Star,
Shee-Oak is the title of my book and I named it because I was always intrigued by She-oak trees with their drooping branchlets which look like leaves and whispering sounds. I never realised their...

The title Shee-Oak

Posted By Geraldine Star,
Choosing a title can be an exciting, 'nail-biting' occasion for an author because not only does it encompass the story but it identifies the book in bookshops, libraries and on reading lists forever...