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Author Talk - Geraldine Star in Conversation with Julie Janson

Posted By Geraldine Star  

A big thank you to all those who made the online Authors' Talk organised by Jessica Picken from Broken Hill Library in December 2022 such a huge success. The staff at Broken Hill Library are amazing!

Julie Janson, a member of the Burruberongal clan of the Darug Nation, who is an author and playwright, interviewed me on the night. Her latest books are Madukka - the River Serpent and Benevolence . Julie and I have shared many laughs and good times as writers, collaborating on our work and celebrating our successes.  We are both members of the Celestial Writers' Group with Sarah Sasson and Nicole Sheridan.

Julie was able to weave the work we had done together into her questions giving the participants an idea of a writers' craft, insights and ways of working. She also had an appreciation of Broken Hill and the surrounding area having spent some time doing research there. Her comments and questions on my novel Shee-Oak were insightful and much appreciated.

Johnathon Cooper from the Broken Hill Bookshop was also exceedingly helpful, arranging to stock books before the event.

And of course, a big thank you to the audience particularly Pauline Chatt and Cathy Dyer from Broken Hill who helped to make it all happen.

An evening to remember discussing Flea and Mia from Shee-Oak and their road trip through Broken Hill!