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Author Talk - Broken Hill Library online

Posted By Geraldine Star  

Author Talk - Shee-Oak

Broken Hill Library is hosting an Author Talk on my novel Shee-Oak - A road trip to redemption across the Australian outback. As Broken Hill is a major turning point in the journey, the irrepressible Mia and stoic farmer, Felicity (Flea) take on the way to Adelaide, its fitting the online event takes place here.

Shee-Oak is a modern adventure novel. Two women looking for love forge a fraught intergenerational bond as they travel across the drought-stricken Hay Plain to Adelaide. Fireworks abound as they attempt to overcome their addictions and take the rocky road to transformation and redemption.

As part of my research to write Shee-Oak, I visited Broken Hill and the surrounding area a number of times.  Each time I have been fascinated by the history of the city, its quirkiness and vibrancy as it bounces back with the changing nature of mining and associated industries.

Julie Janson, the author of the newly released novel Madukka-the river serpent and Benevolence is interviewing me. Julie is a novelist, playwright, and award-winning poet and a proud Burruberongal woman of the Darug Aboriginal Nation. Julie and I met at a Writing NSW course and decided to form a writers group The Celestials with two other women Sarah Sasson and Nicole Sheridan. It has been a very collaborative group and highly productive.

Details of the Online Author Talk

Date:    Thursday 8 December 2022

Time:   6.30pm Broken Hill time; 7pm AEST


A big thank you to Julie Janson and the staff at Broken Hill Library for making this possible.

Where to get copies of Shee-Oak

Shee-Oak paperback available

The Broken Hill Bookshop 373 Argent Street Broken Hill

Shee-Oak E-book available on